Fixing Foundation Drainage

It’s imperative for every house to have a solid foundation if it’s going to last for a reasonable amount of time. If the foundation of your house has issues with its drainage system then it will probably cause complications for your home in the long run.

If rainwater can pool up near your house, within approximately eight feet, it can be dangerous for your house’s foundation. When water builds up so heavily, it turns the ground to mud and upsets the foundation.

We’re going to take a look at a couple of drainage issues here and how to deal with them. Some issues might be easy to fix, while others need somewhat of a larger overhaul or bigger fix.

One solution to your drainage issues could be installing a French drain system. This consists of a pipe placed in a trench and covered with gravel. The trench should be made on a little slope heading away from your house to direct the water away from the foundation. It’s called a French drain system due to Henry French who made this method of drainage popular in 1859 in a book he wrote about drainage solutions for farms.

Another options you could go for is surface drains. These are different from French drains in a lot of different ways. These drains are very effective for diverting big amounts of water as quickly as possible. They collect the water and push it away from your house. Installing these drains is also much less complex than setting up French drains. Both are good options, however, but each one might be better for separate scenarios and if you’re looking to make a decision, consult and expert to find out which one is the best option for your specific situation.

Proper slopes are another possible solution. When the ground around your house is slanted down toward the foundation this can create problems. This is called an improper slope. At least 8 feet from your foundation should be sloped away from your house.

These are just a few of the possibilities you can try to fix your home’s drainage problems, but there are a whole lot more.